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Equal Too: Achieving Disability Equality (2021) is a groundbreaking podcast series designed to shine a light on the biggest challenges faced by the disabled community and start a conversation about what is needed to drive equality.

The podcast, hosted by UK television presenter and disability advocate Sophie Morgan, will focus on challenging perceptions, celebrating successes, and exploring how to transform the world for those who do and do not have a disability. Sophie will speak with some of the most informed and most famous professionals, influencers, and activists about key themes of disability and inclusion

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Episode Descriptions

Episode 1: The Change We Made

This is the first episode in a series of conversations asking how we achieve equality for disabled people. This episode takes a look back at the history and the legacy of the Paralympic Movement and the impact it has had on host cities and beyond. Featuring Paralympians, Olympians and influential figures in the Paralympic Movement, including Michael Johnson, Tanni Grey Thompson, Xavi Gonzalez, Dai Tamesue, Juan Pablo Salazar, Dan Brooke and actor RJ Mitte.

Episode 2: How We Change the Law

Episode two in the series will explore how the rights of disabled people are changing and what more needs to be done to create a more equal world moving forward. Featuring Jameela Jamil, Chantal Petitclerc, Eddie Ndopu, Pilar Jauregui, Deborah McFadden, Haben Girma and Tatyana McFadden, we’ll discuss the legislative progress that has been made but also why some current legislation may not empower or protect disabled people as much as they should.

Episode 3: Accurate Representation Matters

In episode 3 we turn the spotlight on the fashion and film industries to find out why they are still playing catch up on becoming truly representative of the disabled community. We’ll hear from Jameela Jamil, RJ Mitte, Sinéad Burke, Eryn Brown, Keely Cat Wells, Jim LeBrecht, Christina Mallon and Ellie Cole, who each have their story to tell about ableism in fashion and media.

Episode 4: Design for All

In Episode 4 we’re focussing on how our modern world was not built to include everyone. The big question in this episode is – If the world around us enabled us instead of disabled us, what would that look like? Sophie Morgan speaks to Yoshihiko Kawauchi, Katie Pennick, Dr Victor Pineda, Haben Girma, Michaël Jérémiasz, Sam Latif, Christina Mallon, Esther Verburg and Sinéad Burke to find out what is being done to design a world for everyone.

Episode 5: The Hunt for Employment Equality

When Sir Ludwig Guttmann formed the Paralympic movement after World War II, his vision was to use sport to rehabilitate Disabled people back into society to become taxpayers. 70 years later, how much has his vision been achieved? We will talk to experts, brand representatives, entrepreneurs, activists and athletes about their experiences, the challenges and inequality facing Disabled people around the world but also the progress and aspirations for a more equal world moving forward. This episode features Liz Johnson, Charles Catherine, Haben Girma, Esther Verburg, Hank Prybylski, Facundo Chávez Penillas, Christina Mallon, Dan Brooke, Eddie Ndopu and Nilofar Bayat.

Episode 6: The Decade Ahead

This episode features Michael Johnson, Clare Balding, Andrew Parsons, Bebe Vio, Sarah Hirschland, Justin King and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 volunteer, Shigeru Kudo. After such bleak times and such uncertainty we reflect on what hosting the Tokyo Games has achieved. We will explore what is in store for the Paralympic Movement across the next decade and what this can help achieve for the wider 15% of disabled people.

Following the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing in early 2022, the Games head to Paris in 2024, Milano Cortina in 2026 and LA in 2028. Will host cities like Paris become better places for disabled people to live in as a result of hosting the Games? Will holding the Games in LA lead to better representation for disabled talent in Hollywood? Will the Paralympic Games help to change attitudes towards disability?

To wrap up the series, Sophie Morgan and Sinéad Burke reflect on what they have learned through the making of this podcast and what this can mean for the future.


Equal Too comes from Harder Than You Think – the team behind the award-winning Netflix documentary Rising Phoenix – and P&G Studios, the content arm of Procter & Gamble. The six-part series is brought to you by the Seneca Women Podcast Network and iHeart Radio.


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